Ecotour Guides Cameroon (EcoGcam) is a tourist guiding service comprising of license tourist guides all over Cameroon. We have being guiding tourist to all corners of Cameroon since the year 2009. Its founder is Buma Linonge Peter, a young and dynamic, well known tour guide in Cameroon. Over the past years our team has offered countless tours to tourists from all around the world. We have extensive knowledge of the environment and the People of Cameroon.

Our guiding philosophy is to run all of our tours with patience love and ensure our clients are satisfied. Our guides have taken numerous guiding courses and understand the ethics of the profession. The CEO is educated and has a great command of the English language and is conversational in French. He also has a great sense of managing people through overseeing a small team of youth in the area of Mt Cameroon. He employs youth who cannot otherwise pay their school fees. They help out on tours to Mount Cameroon national park through being guide, porters and cooks so that they are able to afford to study.

 At Ecotour Guides Cameroon offer eco-friendly customize tours to all the regions in Cameroon and also has many licence tour guides all over Cameroon as its members. Many like Buma linonge Peter are certified in First aid. We offer tours to all the corners of Cameroon.

We also have professionally trained guides for bird watching, botany  and many other fields in Cameroon. We are available to assist you with your research project in Cameroon.


  • We ensure we are responsible in everything we do and we minimise our impact on the environment.
  • We empower local communities through directly engaging them into ecotourism activities, thereby enriching their lives.
  • Our services are highly recommended online through reviews from our past clients and all our reviews online are positive reviews.
  • Our travellers trust our services, thus they come back time after time to book our services. Your money is 100% protected
  • We are passionate with travels and outdoors, thus we reflex this in all aspects of our work.


  • ( Tourism) We provide Eco-friendly customized tours to all the touristic attractions in Cameroon.
  • We also assist researchers to carry out various research projects on birds, culture, plants and animals.
  • (Accommodation) We provide accommodation adapted to customers’ needs and budget.
  • (Airport transfer), we provide airport transfer services to guest.
  • (Car rentals) We provide a variety of cars for rentals with or without a driver.

Please book your tour with us and enjoy the experience with us.