Mount Cameroon Detailed Description:

Mount Cameroon elevation: 4095m(13,510 feet) is the highest mountain in West Africa and central Africa. It is an active volcano which recently erupted in March 1999 and May 2000. The 1999 craters are located near Mann’s Spring Camp and the May 2000 eruption craters are located near Hut #3. Mount Cameroon National Park covers a surface area of 58,178 hectares. It has a variety of flora and fauna but this has been threatened by illegal hunting and lumbering before the creation of the park. Medicinal plants like the “Prunus Africana” which are exported abroad and processed for the treatment of diseases like cancer are exploited by locals and some large companies.

The park contains many endangered wildlife species such as elephants, drills, chimpanzees, and monkeys. It has a rich equatorial rainforest with unique and endemic birds and animal species like the Mount Cameroon Francolin, Mount Cameroon Speirops, the Cameroon climbing mouse, mountain chameleon and many more. This is a beautiful mountain to climb as you pass through different varieties of ecological zones which includes farmlands, tropical forest, savanna and volcanic landscape.

Trekking/hiking tours for Mount Cameroon

There are endless options for tours and treks in the Mount Cameroon region ranging from 2 hours to 45days(including research). Listed below are several options for tours that can be personalized to fit your schedule and budget.


  • Walk on through the dense equatorial forest, savannah and the cool lava plains of Mt Cameroon.
  • Watch the sun rises and sets from Mt Cameroon.
  • Our highly experience and expert guides shall ensure you attain the summit.
  • Chance to spot wildlife like Chimpanzee, Monkeys, Elephant, Antelopes and more.


Summary of our itineraries

  • Option A; This tour is designed for those who want to visit the slopes of the mountain.
  • Option B; we design this itinerary as an option For those who major wish to attain the summit. This is done in 4 days 3 nights and its most recommended for those who desire to summit
  • Option C; This is the most booked tour on Mt Cameroon. You shall have the opportunity to hike to the summit then descend to the impressive eruption craters.(4 days 3 nights)
  • Option D; This option is an extension of option C, there’s is an opportunity here to spot elephants and other wildlife. We trek to the summit and descend to the west coast of Limbe. Possible extension for Limbe city tour.