Cultural & Sports Events

We can arrange tours to experience the following Bakweri traditional events and customs:

  • Palapala – Bakweri traditional wrestling
  • Mount Cameroon International Race Of Hope – Held annually in February
  • The Ngondo cultural festival of the Douala people.


The Bakweri Elephants dance (Malee Dance)elephant mascurade bakweri

Detailed Description: The Bakweri tribe are the indigenes around the Mt Cameroon slopes. They had a great attachment to these elephants because their culture is centered on this animal. Their major cultural event the Elephant Dance or”Malee Dance” draws a lot of interest among tourists. This event groups villages from the slopes of Mount Cameroon and is held between the months of November and March every year. It’s a 2 days event which travellers and locals are attracted by the “Njoku masquerades” or the “elephants”. Travellers are often amazed by the different varieties of masquerades at this event.

Please contact us for your participation on this event.


The Guinness Mount Cameroon International

guiness race mt cameroon1Description: The Guinness Mount Cameroon International Race is a famous event held annually in February. It draws a lot of international participants and media. Runners compete from Molyko town in Buea to the Upper Farms through to the forest to Hut #1, the Savannah, Hut #2, Hut #3 to the Summit (4,095m) and back to town using the same trail. Its approximately 19km hike up and 19km down(38km/ 24 miles).

It’s held every second weekend of the February month. The race is divide into Four categories namely; Senior, Junior, relay and Veteran  categories of both female and male runners. The first edition of this race took place in 1973. About 7,000 visitors come to Buea each year for this event.

Contact us in case you wish to witness this event neither from the town of Buea nor on top of Mt Cameroon. We also facilitate the training and participation of foreign athletes on the Mount Cameroon race of hope.

ngoun festival foumban


Ngoun Festival of the Bamoun people (Foumban)

This the cultural festival of the Bamoun people of the western grassfield region of Cameroon. This event is held after every 2 years and draws thousands of visitors. Please contact us in case you wish to be part of this multi day event, which is very rich in culture and tradition