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Campo Ma’an National Park & Kribi beach.

Brief Description:

  • Relax at the white sand beach of Kribi
  • Canoeing on the Lobe river to visit the Bagyeli pygmy community upstream and the magnificent lobe waterfalls which empties itself directly into the Atlantic ocean.
  • we also spend some time with locals at the turtle conservation site at Ebodje village. There is a conservation project here on sea turtle.
  • We spend 2 days inside the Campo Ma’an National Park to track wildlife.

Campo Ma’an National park

  • – Situated extremely south of Cameroon, along the border with Equatorial Guinea and lined on the West by the Atlantic Ocean. Landscape covers a surface area of about 264,064 ha spread over the Ocean and Ntem valley Divisions. It was created in the year 2000 after a summit in Yaoundé on the protection of the forest of Central Africa. The national park has a huge expanse of tropical rainforest, the southern edge has a flat and beautifully situated on the Ntem River and in the Northern sector there are mountains of over 1000m.
  • 80 species of mammals , such as forest Elephants, Mandrill, Chimpanzee, leopards, gorillas, buffalo, giant pangolin, panthers. Of the 29 species of primate found in Cameroon 19 are in the Campo Ma’an area. as well as 302 bird species, 122 species of reptiles and 250 fish species.


  • Unique because of the type of animals this park shelters, you will see seaside, forest and experience sleeping in the wild but safe environment.


  • Campo Ma’an is in easy reach for most travelers via the Kribi to Campo road (80km of passable dirt road 45km to the park). The area hold beautiful beaches with nesting areas


  • For turtles (Ebodje, November- March).

Turtle conversation at Ebodje Village; Located some 52km from Kribi, along the Kribi-Campo road. Ebodje is a fishing community at the coast. There is a project named “kudu” created since 1999. The project is supported by WWF and there is a local community base ecotourism organization, Ebotour which is in charge of ecotourism activities in Ebodje. The locals are in charge of the decision as regards the management of the project. There is a possibility to take part in artisanal fishing with locals; we visit the museum for marine turtle. The turtle usually laid their eggs on the beach sand from the months of November to January. Out of the 8 endangered species of turtle in the world, 5 species are found in the Cameroonian waters.

  • Chelonie mydas.
  • Caretta caretta.
  • Eremochelys imbraca.
  • Dermochelys coriacca.
  • Lepidochelys imbraca. \

Group Size:  1-14 people

Mode of transportation; Hire 4×4 car or Public transportation

Difficulty: Moderate

Starting location; Buea, Limbe or Douala(pickup hotel/seaport/airport available).

End location; Douala(drop[ off at airport/hotel/seaport available).

Package Cost:

  • Hired 4×4 car 
  • Individual price = €1510
  • Extra person price = €525 (ie 2 people costs €2035)


  • Public transportation
  • Individual price = €855.
  • Extra person price = €355 (ie 2 people costs €1210)

Requirements to Participate:

  • This is a private tour, so only your group will participate.
  • Open to age groups of 8-55 years old.
  • Travellers with moderate  physical levels are welcome.
  • Available between the months of October-May.,
  • Not available for travellers with serious medical conditions, those on wheelchair, pregnant women and travellers with back problems.


  • Please bring a daypack, a flash light, mosquito repellents, some snacks.
  • Rain gear is advised, as the weather conditions can change at any moment.
  • Good shoes for trekking.


  • Day 1; Departure to Kribi-Relaxation At Kribi White Sand beach

     Departure is both from the towns of Buea, Limbe or Douala, we drive to Kribi and we check in at hotel Tara plage Kribi.

     *Meals; Lunch and Dinner.  Accommodation; Hotel Tara plage Kribi.


  • Day 2; Canoeing on Lobe River To Visit The Bagyeli Pygmy People Upstream and Lobe Waterfalls Downstream. Kribi- Ebodje Tortoise Conservation-Campo

     We depart the Kribi by boat to visit a local Bagyeli pygmies community. We shall spend some hours with the local people and learn about their ways of life. We return to Kribi where we later visit the Lobe waterfall by boat, which is a unique waterfall which empties itself directly into the Atlantic Ocean. We take Lunch and later on we drive for 52km to Ebodje passing through the Kribi seaport, at Ebodje we shall visit the tortoise conservation project and its museum for Tortoise. We later drive to the town of Campo where we check into Hotel Elac.

     *Meals, breakfast, Lunch and dinner. Accommodation; Tara plage hotel.


  • Day 3; Campo Ma’an National Park

      After breakfast we shall drive to the park entrance and then to the Dipikar island inside the Campo Mann National park. This island is surrounded by the river Campo.  we trek to the WWF camping site. We shall later in the day leave our campsite to track animals. We shall visit the “Tree Museum”  and later trek back to Camp.

   *Meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner, Accommodation, camping


  • Day 4; Campo Ma’an National Park- Campo(Town)

     After breakfast we continue our exploration of the park by visiting a waterfall and later in the day we return to the park entrance where we shall drive to Campo and check into Hotel Elac for another night.

     *Meals; breakfast, Lunch and dinner. Accommodation, Elac hotel Campo.


 Day 5; Campo- Kribi - Douala

      Breakfast and we depart for Campo and then Kribi. While in Kribi we shall stop at the beach for Lunch and later on the day we depart for Douala, where the tour ends.

       *Meals; breakfast and Lunch


Package Inclusions:

  • Experienced guide
  • Fees for local guides and porters where needed.
  • All fees.
  • Customary gifts to the pygmy community.
  • A 4*4 car with driver.
  • Camping Equipment – tents, sleeping mats, sleeping bags (2 people per tent – larger shared tents may be used for larger groups)
  • Accommodation as specified on the itinerary.
  • Boat to be use to visit the Lobe waterfall and to visit the pygmies.
  • Food and water for the duration of the tour.
  • Camera fees.

Package Exclusions:

  • Personal miscellaneous expenditures like drinks at the hotel.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Tips for guides/ porters and other staffs.
  1. :

    Great trip, really enjoyed myself and the food at kribi was out of this world.

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