We would like you to know about the experiences our past visitors have had. We recognise that Cameroon is a distant land for many of our guests, full o unknowns and a lifestyle that is very different to that of Europe or America (where most of our guests are from). Please find below some comments of their trips and experiences.

Tours and experiences CameroonHi there! Elsa and I used Ecotourguidescameroon.com to organise an extended 6 day trip to Mount Cameroon, where we camped, stayed in refuges and had the luxury of a beach hotel when we ended the tour in Limbe. We went through many emotions during our first days, not least because our plans were changed by lost luggage (the airline, who eventually recovered it). Peter and his guides looked after us every step of the way and we enjoyed many unexpected and postive experiences.

Having lived in Ecuador I am no stranger to the tropics and Cameroon is a much less developed, and therefore exciting, place to be. We became good friends with Peter and his guides over the 6 days we spent with them, so much so, I offered to build this web page (as well as i could!) gathering photos from other visitors over the last year.

We hope very much you decide to go with Peter, and our only recommendation is just go with the flow!

Enjoy your trip.

Stuart and Elsa

Dr Klaus Schafer from Germany writes:

Mt Cameroon Manns Spring CampI did a 5 days tour to Mt. Cameroon (round trip) in the high season (February 2020) plus 3 more days to the Manengouba Twin Lakes, everything well organised  by Buma Peter. He knows the area well and it is nice to talk to him. The porters were so friendly and helpful and it made hiking almost a breeze. They provided  the food and professional service ever. I would absolutely recommend booking a tour with Buma. He is a reliable person, who always takes care of the needs of his client(s).
And Katharina Krug from Germany:
Katharina K GermanyTwo friends and I used Ecotour guides cameroon in December 2019 to organize a 4-days trip climb up Mount Cameroon. Following that week, we spent a relaxing time at Limbe black sand beach. First of all, I was impressed with the help of Peter prior to this trip planning every detail. From my first enquiry back in summer 2018 until the day we arrived in Cameroon, he answered numerous emails and WhatsApp messages. I liked Peter’s way of explaining us all the options but never talking us into taking it. Coming from Chad were we all work and live, we needed some extra advice for preparing the equipment which we got. Even when Peter got sick the first day, we were still able to continue the climb while he was supporting us behind the scene from his hospital bed. I liked the individual type of holiday ecotour guides cameroon can offer you. I know what I am talking about as I have used a very big tour operator while climbing Kilimanjaro in 2015. I am hoping to come back to Cameroon one day to see some of the other beauties of the country and of course I will ask Peter again to organise that for me.

And this from Ana:

I had the chance to discover the west region of Cameroon with Peter and Josephine. It was a great experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get to know the rich culture and nature of that region. As I had only spent two months before in Cameroon, I did not feel comfortable travelling around by myself so this was a great option and I think I definitely would not have seen as much as I saw with Ecotourguides. They took me to exactly the places I was interested in and it was a great combination of exploring the nature and visiting cultural sights.

ecotourguides annaThe first day we left from Yaoundé to Bafoussam, which was about a 5 hour drive. It was very nice to see Cameroon’s landscape and I felt very safe in the small SUV with Simon as a driver. I could really enjoy just watching the passing fields and forrest out of the window, and crossing the Sanaga river. On the way we visited the palace of the Chiefdom of Bandjoun, where I learned about the culture of chiefdoms. I did not know heritages like this still existed. The next days I should learn even more about those chiefdoms, their traditions and rites, visiting other chiefdoms and palaces with attached museums. As there weren’t any other guests by the time I got there, I usually had a guide and the museums for myself, and most of the guides explained everything very vividly to me, so that I could really imagine what life in a chiefdom is like.

The highlights for me of this tailor made 6 day trip were the two hikes we did. The first one was on Mt Mbapit, where we had a fabulous view on a crater lake after having climbed a lot of stairs. That was worth it! Fortunately we found many fresh agaves on the way to gain some power. The other hike was in the area of Mt. Manengouba. After a hike of about 2,5 hours through plantain plantations, crossing a little village in the middle of the mountains, many sheep, cows and horses we arrived at the top of a hill, were we had a great view on the vastness with the female one of the twinlakes. As I also wanted to see the male lake we all went down the hill to have a view on both of the lakes at the same time. Very impressing!

Another highlight of the trip was visiting the Ekom Nkam Waterfalls. One of the most beautiful places I have visited so far. Makes sense that it was chosen to shot the movie Tarzan in 1984.

All in all I had a very great time with Peter and Josephine as Guides and am happy they allowed me to discover Cameroun in this way. I can also recommend visiting the west region, it is far away from mass tourism though has culturally and scenically a lot to offer. The climate is not as hot as in the center region and was very agreeable for me. And, what is most important, I felt very comfortable travelling with Peter and Josephine, they were very kind and always tried to find out what might interest me. We also shared dinner often, which was nice for me as I was travelling alone. Thank you a lot!

And this from Yona and Elan Prochnik from USA:

Hi!Yona P USA
My partner Elan and I spent two weeks in Cameroon in February 2016. Our trip was organized and guided by Buma Peter of Ecotour guides Cameroon. We had an amazing trip and highly recommend Buma and his whole team. They were very professional and helpful. We couldn’t have done it with out them. First we were met at the airport and given a ride to our hotel. We spent the next 4 days hiking mount Cameroon, which may be the most beautiful hike I have ever been on. You climb up through the jungle, reach an almost alien crater landscape on top and descend through an elephant inhabited grassland on the way down. The hike was strenuous, but Buma’s guides made sure we had a comfortable and safe experience. Later in the trip Burma’s guide Richard drove us on the ring road tour in the North and we saw much of traditional Cameroon lifestyle and culture in the area. Too much to describe in one review, you have to experience it for yourself.
World-adventure from USA.
David world adventurerAwesome two days summit hike with Ecotour Guides cameroon!
Just back from the summit hike of Mt Cameroon. It was such a great adventure. Even when it started to drizzle we pushed on and made it to the summit! My legs are still sore from the climb.

It’s definitely a challenge and well worth the time. I wish I took the longer tour to see elephants!

I was well taken care of by Buma Peter and his team of capable and very friendly guys. 

Read http://world-adventurer.com/climbing-mount-cameroon/ for the full review with pictures
And Sayaka Ando from Japan writes: 
Sayaka A JapanWonderful experience of Climbing the highest mountain in West Africa!!!
My friend and I managed to climb to the summit of Mt.Cameroon, which is as high as 4,090m!!!! We didn’t have any experience of climbing mountains before, but could achieve the summit with the help of very supportive local guide, Buma Peter from Ecotour guides Cameroon.

Climbing Mt.Cameroon was really really hard for us, but we enjoyed great view from above the clouds, and a variety of landscape passed by such as rain forest and grasslands.
We also enjoyed camping in hut. On the 3rd day, we reached the summit, feeling so great of achieving 4,090m!!!
As August was rainy season, sometimes it was raining, but not all the time.
And because of low season, there were few people, which was really good!
I’ll definitely go back there again someday.
Finally, from Patrick Gillian’s blog (from USA in February 2020)
Patrick GMount Cameroon is 13,255 feet and an active volcano.  The climb is about 10,000 feet of vertical and usually a 3 day climb( did it in 2 but suffered) It’s the highest point in West and Central Africa.  I booked my climb with Buma Linonge Peter, ecotourguidescameroon.com He picked me up from the airport in Douala and drove me the 90 minutes to Buea, and stayed overnight in Buea.  Buea is in the English speaking region and a very nice town with excellent weather.  Jiovanni was my guide and Mikael our porter, both fabulous guys and still communicate with them regularly, The first day climbed 5000 feet to a German built Refugio. The second day sumitted and descended the 10,000 feet, I would not have made it down if it wasn’t for Jiovanni and Michael, they really took care of me.  If I had planned more time I would have taken another day and descended a different route where there are forest elephants and some other interesting animals.  Stayed another night in Buea and had a few Sunday morning farewell beers with the boys, they love to drink in Buea.  Peter took me to see the primate rehabilitation center and botanical gardens in Limbe and then back to Douala.  I would highly recommend ecotourguides and Peter, great reliable caring guides, they guide everywhere in Cameroon, and I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with these people.