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Limbe city tour + Bimbia slave trade market

Brief Description: 10 hours – Visit the Opec city of Limbe with botanic gardens, Zoological center, lava site of 1999, Bimbia slave trade market and relax at the black sand beach of Tsaben beach hotel-Bakingili.

About Limbe

limbe botanical gardenLimbe also known as Victoria is an OPEC city founded by a British man named Alfred Saker in 1858. It’s a seaside resort town due to its beautiful beach, night life, attractions and climate. It sits at the foot of Mount Cameroon and host the Cameroon Development Cooperation (CDC) which is the second largest employer in the country after the government. Major touristic attractions are the Limbe Botanical Gardens, Limbe Wildlife Center, the lava site at Bakingili Village, and the fish market at the beach.

Group Size: 1-50 people

Difficulty: Easy

Transportation; Public and private hired car(optional).

Package Cost:

  • Hired car
  • Individual price = €170.
  • Extra person price = €50 (ie 2 people costs €220)


  • Public transportation 
  • Individual price = €115.
  • Extra person price = €60 (ie 2 people costs €175)


  • The itinerary can be changed.
  • Good shoes for trekking.
  • There is an optional gift to some of the sites we have to visit. So you can decide to help any of the projects.


Upon arrival in Limbe, we shall visit the lava site at Bakingili Village, we shall discover the area where the lava of the 1999 Mt Cameroon eruption flew and cooled just few meters from the road and about 150m to the Atlantic Ocean. This lava is from the crater of the 1999 eruption which we shall see up the mountain when we descend to Mann’s spring camp. We admire some of the aquatic products use for art work, they are displayed at the entrance of the site and we take a climb up the stairs to view the site.

limbe zooWe visit the Limbe Wildlife Center, a rescue, rehabilitation, and reintroduction/ release for confiscated wildlife. There are lots of African primates like Drills, Mandrills, Gorillas, Chimpanzees; there are about10 types of Monkeys here, Alligator, snake, guenons, barn owl, snake eagle, bushbuck and more can be seen here.

We visit the Limbe Botanic gardens which is adjacent to the Zoo is one of the worlds 25 biodiversity hotspots. It boasts 52 hectares of beautiful landscape with picturesque natural surroundings enjoy amazing century aged trees. We explore the diversity of plant species from around the world as well as regional species classified as Ancient and aquatic plants, native orchids, Cameroon wildlife fruits, medical plant fields, Pan African and Madagascan palms. Hike up the Bota adventure trail to view the largest tree in the garden, admire the outstanding views across the Atlantic ocean on the Coastal trail, spot herons and Kingfisher on the river trail, visit Jungle village, a unique outdoor amphitheatre in the natural landscape of the garden ideal for wedding, concerts and other events, River Limbe( Victoria) which flows inside the garden, the town of Limbe got its name from the river, British war graves or Commonwealth graves of British soldiers who died fighting the First World War.

We leave for the Bimbia slave trade centre which is about 8.5km from Limbe 30 minutes drive form the Gardens. The Bimbia slave trade market served as an important supply zone for exportation of slaves to the new world, you will learn about the colonial times and how the slave trade was done. There are some historical attractions including Old German Wharf where ships anchored for the embankment of slaves, “door of no return” no slave returned after passing through it, chains used on slaves, British canon (instrument used by the British in the slave trade abolition) foundation of the first printing press built by English missionary Joseph Merrick, Nichol Island (site that harboured slaves prior to their exportation. Bimbia was the first place the Jamaican and English Baptist missionaries led by Rev Alfred Saker set foot on the Cameroon shores in 1858, he built the first school and the first Baptist church in Bimbia. The slave trade site has existed for over a centuries and till date maintains its naturalist look.

We return and relax at the beach for lunch. In the early afternoon, we will leave for the hotel, where the tour comes to an end.

Package Inclusions:

  • Experienced First-Aid certified local guide.
  • Fees for local guides.
  • All entrance fees, Excursion fees and toll gates.
  • A hired car with driver and fuel for the duration of the tour.
  • Lunch at Down beach Limbe.

Package Exclusions:

  • Extra drinks and food.
  • Camera fees where applied
  • Breakfast on day 1 and dinner day 2.
  1. :

    This was an enjoyable end and a real culture immersion following 6 days trekking over Mount Cameroon. The lunch in the market was fantastic, the food and the interactions!

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